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Staying healthy just got easier with LEAF Smart Jar

Take the guess work out of your portion control and servings.

Fully automated nutrition tracking

65% off on launch, if you register today 

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Sustainics mobile app for the smart jar
Sustainics Smart Jar


Nutrition Insights

Track your calorie and macro nutrients such as sugar, fat and protein intake

Automated Tracking

No manual entry required. LEAF jar tracks your nutrition for you

Works with Fitbit 

Sustainics app works with fitbit

Connect to your Fitbit account to track your calorie intake against your calorie burn

Detachable Container

Food grade plastic that can easily detached from base and washed

Track remotely

Wi-Fi connected; Track from anywhere without being next to the LEAF jars


The list price at launch is expected to be in the range below. Lock in your discount by joining the waitlist now.

LEAF Smart Jar_edited_edited.png

LEAF Smart Jar

$19.99 - $29.99 / jar

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LEAF Mobile App

$2.99 - $3.99 / jar / month

When are we launching?

We are have finished the product build and are testing the initial set of jars. Once we are close to manufacturing them in larger quantities we will notify all the people on the waitlist to order their jars.

We hope to be ready by Aug or Sep 2024.

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