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Green Juices

Ah, you have more questions?

We cannot answer all your questions in the main home page, but hopefully we list some of the common ones which we know you may have (we did when we started building it). 

If you a question that is not listed here or want to understand more, drop us a note at

  • What should I be tracking in this jar?
    You should normally add food items that you want to track - foods that are good such as fruits, high fibre or protein and foods that you normally crave such as chocolate bars, candy, etc. This way you can understand where you are getting your calories from - is it sugar or protein? Do you get enough carbs for the day? Getting an understanding of the break-up of your nutrients can help improve your health without dramatically going into a crash diet or moving into something dramatically different from your regular diet.
  • Why do I need this?
    The goal of the Sustainics Platform is to enable deeper insights into what you are eating and course correct based on this. Have you tried calculating your nutrition based on counting the nutrients from the nutritional table on most food packs? It is a nightmare - even simple calorie counting based on weight is complicated. Hence, the goal is to give you a detailed breakdown of the nutrients as you eat and give you control over the outcome rather than worrying about the mechanics of the calculating your cumulative nutrition.
  • When are you launching?
    Target launch month is Aug/Sep 2024. We are still undergoing trials, get some compliance certifications and close a few bugs
  • Should I replace all my food containers?
    No. We would love to sell you 20-50 Smart jars (more $$), but no! Start with about 3-5 Sustainics Smart jars, three to track your "offending" items and two for the "good" items. This would help you understand how and what you are consuming. Expand later to more or when you are looking to improve certain aspects such as reducing sugar (pre-diabetic diagnosis) or increase your protein intake (added strength training to your workout)
  • Can I use this in the refrigerator?
    Unfortunately not yet. We know a large part of our daily food sits in the refrigerator, but connectivity inside a fridge is poor and making the electronics work at low-temperature is tricky. Perhaps when we mature in our current product offering, we will make an attempt to track items within it.
  • How long does the battery last
    We are still testing it. Ideally for a few months for items used 3-5 times a week
  • What is the underlying technology for the Smart jar?
    The Sustainics Smart Jars work on the principle of measuring weight (similar to your kitchen scale), but have additional capabilities to connect to the network, detect change, conserve power, securely transmit data, etc. It is an IoT (Internet of Connected Things) similar to your smart bulb or your smart thermostat.
  • Do I need to have my mobile app always when using the jars?
    No. You need the Sustainics mobile app to configure the jar to your home wi-fi network once. After that the jars are directly connected to the network and do not depend on the mobile app for tracking your consumption. This design is deliberate as technologies such as bluetooth would require the jar and the mobile app to be present close to each other to use them.
  • Are you replacing a dietitian?
    Absolutely not! The LEAF Smart platform provides a means of understanding your daily nutrition and make course corrections according to the plan that you have discussed with your doctor or dietitian. We do not recommend your diet or suggest changes on the platform.
  • What kind of nutritional information do you track?
    In the current version, we support tracking calories and macro nutrients such as fat, cholesterol., sugar, protein, carbohydrates, fibre - the one that are listed in the nutritional table at the back of most food packs. These macro nutrients are then measured against the Dietary Reference Values (DRV) from Public Health England published by the UK government here In the coming releases we plan to go into tracking micro nutrients such as potassium, zinc, vitamins, etc. This of course requires you to consult your doctor or dietician to ensure they are within the levels recommended.
  • Where would such a platform be most useful?
    Sustainics Smart platform works well for people wanting to control their diet or its quality or improve their nutritional health. So it is NOT meant for people who are under strict diet due to medical conditions. It is focused on people who are relatively healthy and want to improve their nutritional health.
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