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Unlock your health!

Track your nutrition as you eat with LEAF smart jars

How does it work?

The Sustainics LEAF Smart platform consists of a physical smart food jar and a virtual mobile app that work together to give you the nutritional information on the app as you consume from the jar.

how does the sustainics LEAF platform work for nutrition tracking

You add food items that you want to track to the physical smart jar, the LEAF Smart Jar, both for foods that are good for you such as fruits or nuts as well as those that are not so good, but you love to eat anyway such as biscuits, cookies, candy, etc.


Every time you eat a little from the LEAF Smart Jar, it tracks the amount you have consumed and shows the nutritional value of what you have consumed in the virtual mobile app, the LEAF mobile app.

That's it! No manual entry into the app, no guessing when, if and how much you ate. Hassle-free nutrition tracking!

The LEAF Smart Platform

The LEAF Smart platform is made of up of two components - the physical LEAF Smart Jar that holds your food and the LEAF mobile app that tracks the jars and calculates the nutritional information

LEAF Smart Jar

The LEAF Smart Jar is the connected device (IoT) that has the food item you want to track. It is connected to your home network via wi-fi to LEAF Smart platform in the cloud to continuously track and record changes in the food consumed from it.

Food Grade

Container made of food grade plastic to safely store your food items

Recharge-able Battery powered

Place it anywhere you like and charge it via its USB-C connector

sustainics LEAF smart jar

Wi-Fi enabled 

Securely connect to your home network and works without the mobile app once configured

Holds up to 2 kg

Suitable to hold most important items in a typical kitchen

Detachable Container

Easily interchange or wash the food container without damaging the electronics

Detects more than 2g change

Detects >2g (half teaspoon) difference in consumption

LEAF Smart Mobile App

The LEAF Smart mobile app helps visualise the information from the Smart Jar as well as provides nutritional insights on your consumptions from it. It is a single app for all the LEAF Smart Jars and consolidates your nutritional information across all of them in real-time.

Sustainics Nutritional Insights for your health

Nutritional Insights

Understand the quality of your nutrition.

See your calorie intake for the day, the quality of the nutrition across the various macro nutrients for today or for the last week or month.

Track each consumption

See when and how much you have eaten

Sustainics Smart Jars keep track of every time you eat from the jar. It records when you have eaten and how much. Couple this with the items nutritional data, you get an accurate picture of your nutritional intake.

track every time you consume from the sustainics jar
adjust the consumption in the sustainics app

Adjust consumption 

Adjust to what you have consumed

We all have jars which we eat from together. Adjust to what you have eaten - one teaspoon for the two you used to make tea, or dropped it accidentally on the floor - adjust or even delete the consumption event

Level indicator

Never run out of your favourite foods

LEAF Smart App can let you know when you are running low or empty on your favourite item. This way you can keep nutritional health on track. 

Sustainics items with their levels and daily calorie count
measure in whatever units that you feel within the sustainics app

Measure in your units

Use the units you are used to.

Tablespoon, an apple, a sweet - measure in whatever you are comfortable with as long as you can put that unit in grams. Once configured, let LEAF platform measure accordingly.

Of course, add the nutrients for the item to get detailed insights anytime.

Fitbit Integrated

Log food into your Fitbit app

Connect LEAF Smart to your Fitbit account to log food into it. Compare what you burn against what you ate to maintain a health gain to burn ratio

sustainics app works with fitbit
connect your fibit to sustainics mobile app
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