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What is with the name 'sustainics'?

Sustainability + analytics = data driven solution for human longevity

We humans are terrible at planning for the future. We all have trouble planning for things that impact our future self individually or as a collective; just visualise your retirement, health or the environment.

Blame it on our cognitive bias for instant gratification - focus on the immediate reward than plan to reap its benefits later. But, this bias can be mitigated to a certain degree if we are given a glimpse of the future in the now, we have a higher chance of sticking to a long-term future plan.

I must admit I had little understanding of this bias till I bought my first Fitbit about 7 years ago. Watching the Steps Tracker every few hours desperately trying to hit my daily 10K was rewarding (and annoyingly stressful) - awaiting the thrill of seeing the e-fireworks on my wrist display! (at least on the Fitbit) And that thrill kept me motivated to a certain degree in keeping up with my daily exercise. It helped. When I look back on it now, I can see that it was a sensible purchase (I am not a serious runner or fitness addict by any stretch, but not unhealthy). The Fitbit app showed me my effort in numbers on a daily basis - rewarding me with instant data on my work for my future healthy self.

This is our driving force for Sustainics - be a real-time automatic nutrition tracker; similar to activity trackers such as Fitbit or the Apple Watch. By providing you a view of what you are consuming instantly, we hope that you start visualising your healthy-self from the data you see right at the time you consume it.

While the first revision of the product will track nutrition, we hope to in the future extend this same technology to track food waste, predict spoilage and reduce packaging in the food supply chain.  Sustainability with data for individuals and the environment as a whole.

Fingers crossed!


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