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Nutrition tracking automated

Fitbit now has a 'Fitbite' - the Sustainics LEAF Smart Jar.

As we head into the summer, did you stick to your new year resolution? One in three of us will have healthy eating or weight loss as part of this year's resolution. How did you do?

improving and sticking with their diet (33%) and losing weight (37%)

You will perhaps buy a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit  or Apple Watch and start nutrition / calorie tracking using one of the million nutrition tracking apps, perhaps the Fitbit one itself. If you doing this for the first time, congratulations on taking the first step! If this is a repeat for you, don't beat yourself up, you are not alone.

49% plan on using a fitness app for assistance in sticking to their resolutions.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight / become healthier by calorie counting can confirm that it is hard and often futile.

I know when I tried some of the nutrition tracking apps it was fun the first few days, then the excitement wore off. I felt the apps I used did not have the food item that I consume or if they did, I have no idea how many servings it was (who decided what a serving size is anyway!)

I grudgingly continue to enter details of the food I consume, but then I go out for dinner on Friday which I know blew my daily calories limit out of the door in a single meal. I am now in despair!

I resolve to eat smaller, healthy servings and exercise on Saturday. Diligently enter the details one at a time, but notice that the healthy items I bought are not present in the app - I have to enter the nutritional value tables for each item I eat but it takes too long and it is painful.  I am now feeling really frustrated with this whole cycle, not to mention constantly hungry!

I go for a run on Sunday early morning (couldn't sleep due to hungry), but forgot to enter the details of my healthy oat+blueberries breakfast - I have no idea how much I consumed of each. I am confident that it was below the 250 calories breakfast limit I have in my head. I am quite confident that I am doing well, don't bother to enter into the app again.

People are bad at estimating what they eat

6 months go by - absolutely no change in my  weight! And I am not sure if I am eating adequate fibre or reduced my sugar intake...Perhaps next year, I will do better.

Now imagine this...

For every food item you consume, a system automatically calculates your consumption down to the last gram. No more manually entering details, calculating servings, etc. Just as your Fitbit shows your steps and calories burnt, this system shows your calories consumed along with the quality of the food you are eating - automatically, every time and without any manual entry.

This the Sustainics Leaf system - a smart jar that tracks your consumption accurately, an app that tracks the quality of your nutrition automatically and logs your food into your Fitbit app every time. Your can now automatically track your calories/nutrition intake alongside your burn without the anxiety of manually counting calories.

This is what we are building!

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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

– François de La Rochefoucauld

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